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We made games focusing on gameplay and trying to make polished and funny experiences.


We’re capable to make games understanding bussiness demands and delivering perfect advertisement solutions.


Mighty Toast Studio provides a variety of outsourcing services, such as programming, 3D assets creation and pixeart.


Mighty Toast Studio's members
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Ruben Lozano

Game Designer / 3D Modeller
Has a master’s degree in game development, also has the title of software engineer, in Mighty Toast handles modelling, design of levels and compose music.
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victor perdomo

Has the career of computer engineering, in Mighty Toast is our programming guru, everything we imagine, he will transform it in a couple lines of code. He also manages our economy efficiently and do regularly jokes.
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Ruben Dura

Studied multimedia engineering at the University of Alicante, in Mighty Toast he programs, designs levels, draws conceptual art and if we finance the project will also prepare coffee and breakfast.
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antonio perdomo

Artist / UI / programming
Is a born artist, he studied computer engineering, in Migthy Toast, along with texturing and animation tasks, he programs and draws pixel art.
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Antonio Mudarra




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